Childbirth Education

Everyone learns differently and has different needs when it comes to preparing for the arrival and birth of their new baby. A private childbirth education class offers customized content to meet your needs and makes it easy by meeting in your home or online, based on your schedule. These classes are intended to prepare you for the many ways that childbirth can happen through evidence based information combined with experiential practice. They can also be used to supplement what you’ve already learned in other classes or as a refresher if this is your second or subsequent baby. Whether you’re planning to give birth at home, in hospital or at a birth centre, these classes are tailored to help you cope in all scenarios and prepare for all outcomes. Check out the current class schedule for group classes or get in touch to schedule your private classes today. Classes available virtually or in person. 

Classes can include the following topics:

Birth planning
Early labour
Active labour
Coping techniques
Fetal positioning
Inductions – natural and medical
Postpartum planning
Medical supports – expectations and coping
The first few hours with baby
Postpartum healing
Baby care and feeding

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“Kira’s birthing class is the best money we could have spent in preparation for having our first child! The content was interesting and fun, never boring or dry in the slightest, and we looked forward to it every week! So grateful to have had the opportunity to take this class and to meet the other expectant parents! We really appreciated the casual atmosphere and Kira’s teaching style was engaging, encouraging and inclusive. Highly recommend!”
-Class Participant